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    At first, it was just another gut product. Buyers are presented with a lot of products, which can be overwhelming and frustrating. Little did I know what amazing products I had in my hands. Once I received training on ION* and listened to Dr. Zach Bush, everything changed.

    My customers started getting great results and I even had one man come from the next state to buy ION*. No health challenges myself, yet the clarity of mind and the general wellbeing are invaluable; my dog and I take ION* every day. I had no idea that I had foggy thinking until after taking ION* for a few months; everything was clearer, like puzzle pieces falling easily into place.

    This is a game changing product, so simple in a way, yet so very powerful...because as we each feel better and think better, we have a better world.

    -Wendy Gilker, Kearsarge Food Co-op, New London, NH

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    I have been using ION* personally for 5 years. I started eating whole foods after taking a natural foods cooking class about 30 years ago. It helped but never did better than 25%. I added probiotics and they really didn't solve the problem.

    I started ION* after looking at the science and the new research on the microbiome. I started to have the best bowel movements of my adult life, intermittently at first, and then gradually, more consistently.

    I now recommend that my patients stop their probiotics, eat some fermented foods, and take ION*. I have had some patients tell me it was the best advice that I had ever given them. When they ask me how long they will need it, I tell them do not stop until 3 days after you are dead; I recommend that you not stop prematurely.

    -Dr. Robert Lang, MD, Daily Essentials for Health, LLC

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