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Reconnecting humanity to the Intelligence of Nature is an endeavor that can only happen on a global scale if we ever want to see true, sustainable change. We started small, but every step we take to make ION* available in more countries widens the possibility of making our mission a reality. Every bottle of ION* that makes its way to a country where it has never been available before is an exciting step towards that reality.

Thank you for supporting ION*. Every bottle sold brings us closer to a brighter future for the whole planet.
  • FAQs

    • Where do you ship to?
      • Australia
      • New Zealand
      • UK (
      • Europe (
        • Albania
        • Andorra
        • Austria
        • Belgium
        • Bosnia & Herzegovina
        • Bulgaria
        • Croatia
        • Cyprus
        • Czechia
        • Denmark
        • Estonia
        • Faroe Islands
        • Finland
        • France
        • Germany
        • Gibraltar
        • Greece
        • Greenland
        • Guernsey
        • Hungary
        • Iceland
        • Ireland
        • Israel
        • Italy
        • Jersey
        • Kosovo
        • Latvia
        • Liechtenstein
        • Lithuania
        • Luxembourg
        • Malta
        • Monaco
        • Montenegro
        • Netherlands
        • North Macedonia
        • Norway
        • Poland
        • Portugal
        • Romania
        • San Marino
        • Serbia
        • Slovakia
        • Slovenia
        • Sweden
        • Sweden
        • Switzerland
        • Turkey
        • Vatican City
    • How much do you charge for international shipping?
      We offer a $10 flat rate to Australia and New Zealand, in addition to end-to-end tracking made possible by our international shipping partners at Passport.
      We also offer live rate expedited shipping to Australia and New Zealand through UPS, FedEx, and DHL. Each carrier’s rates vary and will change depending on the contents of your order and the destination.
      Taxes and duty are charged at the time of your order for all carriers.
    • Will I be charged tax and duty?
      Yes, your taxes and duties are calculated at the time of checkout. Please note, the amount you pay at checkout should be correct except in the unlikely instance that there has been a change in your country’s government policy between the time you placed your order and when it arrived in your country. As the importer of record for your shipment you are liable for any additional charges in this unlikely scenario.
    • Can I pay in my local currency?
      You may purchase ION* with your local payment method and billing address; however, all payment is processed and settled in US dollars on our US site, and in GBP on our UK site. We do not offer payment in any other currencies at this time.
    • I don't see my country on the list. How can I purchase ION* in my country?
      We are working hard every day to make ION* available in your country. Please let us know your email and where you're interested in shipping ION* to in the form on this page, and we'll notify you as soon as we can ship to you.
    • Where is my order?
      If you placed an order internationally and are experiencing delays, please visit our international shipping partners at Passport: and enter your tracking number, which you can find in your order confirmation email. Once on the Passport tracking page you can subscribe for delivery status updates. The expected delivery date is provided by the courier and is subject to change. Please reach out to our customer support team at for further questions.
    • I ordered ION* through your US site and paid tax and duty when I checked out. Why was I charged more by Customs?
      You should not be charged more by the Customs agency in your country because we charge tax and duty at the time of purchase. However, the import tax rates in your country can change at any time, and what you paid up front may no longer be correct. If you have a Customs issue you need assistance with, please send an email to
    • Is there a weight limit for international orders?
      Yes, the limit is roughly equivalent to (3) 32oz bottles of ION*, in line with most personal use import regulations. This is to help ensure your order is delayed as little as possible while clearing Customs in your country.
    • Do you ship to US territories?
      Yes, we do. Please visit our Shipping Policies page for more information.
    • How can I become an ION* reseller in my country?
      Thank you for wanting to help support the ION* mission internationally! If you are interested in becoming a reseller, please fill out the form on this page, and someone from our international team will happily be in touch with you soon.
      If you are located in the UK, please contact our exclusive UK distributors to find out how you can become a UK ION Partner.
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