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    I love ION*. As an adventure enthusiast, nature explorer, and breath coach, I use ION* Gut Support and ION* Sinus Spray daily to help promote a robust microbiome and fortified system. The simplicity of this natural formula provides an underlying sense of comfort knowing that it helps to protect from harmful chemicals that can damage the delicate layers within our physiology.

    The ION* partner program is a world class team that excels in delivering a supportive, educational, and empowering platform where you can learn directly from Dr. Zach, receive access to scientific resources, and serve as a leader and agent of change within the health, wellness, and regenerative movements.

    - Sam Whiting

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    ION* is a staple in our family. As a holistic pharmacist and integrative health practitioner, I am so thankful for this unique product! As one who thinks nature offers so much healing, I love that ION* captures a natural formula that actually supports our microbiome - which is absolutely critical to our overall health.

    Not to mention, the team of ION* is truly incredible and so responsive to their customers so that we can each feel empowered in our own health and healing journey. I don't usually make blanket recommendations for people because I believe health is bio individual, but I truly believe that most all of us could benefit greatly from the impacts of ION*.

    - Meg Kilcup, PharmD, IHP

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