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The ION* Story

The ION* Story
  • We look to the Intelligence of Nature for answers.

    Our philosophy is simple: let nature lead the way, let science empower her path. ION* is nature and science joining forces to restore the potential for intrinsic health. ION stands for the Intelligence of Nature because this is where we start. Our modern world has lost touch with the primal knowledge that nature surrounds us with, and we look to that wisdom to reflect and redefine how we thrive.

  • Nature is the intelligence and the source. Science is the enabler and the hope.

    The path was first laid when an obscure soil science article showed Dr. Zach Bush a family of carbon molecules capable of partnering with the human body. Already primed with a passion for finding root-cause solutions to human health problems, Dr. Bush and team set off to better define how we support the gut - our foundation of wellness. The answer didn’t lie in the probiotics industry, but through our bodies' innate drive to heal and thrive. The domino effect of good health, they found, was a function of supporting, not supplementing.

It's time to get back to nature's way of doing things.

  • ION* is a supplement in name only. A suite of natural products, acting intelligently, ION* seeks not to add but to connect. The science behind our products lies in facilitating communication between the human you and the microbial you. Stronger communication leads to a stronger gut leads to a stronger you. ION* starts at the foundation and lets your body’s innate strength take care of the rest. It's really that simple.