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Origin Story

The Roots of RESTORE

A seemingly predestined venture from the start, RESTORE™ has its origins deeply rooted in some of the most significant pillars of the product itself: science, nature, and communication. 

When William Vitalis, our current Director of Esoteric Sciences, came across a journal article about soil science in 2012, he was still doing holistic technologies research for Dr. Zach Bush at a clinic in Scottsville, Virginia. Zach instantly realized the significance of the article’s discussion of ancient soil-derived carbon molecules with a redox-signaling system specific to bacteria. Already armed with a deep passion for root-cause problem solving and unique knowledge of the implications of this profound study, the foundation for what would become RESTORE was being laid from the moment this article was discovered by its founders. 

It didn’t take long to move into the research and development phase via collaboration with Dr. John Gildea, our current Chief Science Advisor. Dr. Gildea was key in proving RESTORE both safe and effective. The proprietary formula now known as Terrahydrite™ showed not only zero toxicity on kidney cells, but protective effects against glyphosate and restoration of tight junction integrity.

RESTORE’s official launch at a local health food store in Charlottesville was all it took for word to quickly spread of its extensive health benefits. By 2014, a mere 2 years after initial idea germination, RESTORE was being presented a NEXTY at the Natural Products Expo East, awarded in recognition of products that show the “most progressive, innovative, inspiring and trustworthy products in the natural products industry”. Growth of this dynamic company, it seems, was and is matched only by the ideals of those who founded it. 

RESTORE is not the end game for Dr. Zach Bush by any stretch of the imagination. Ultimately, the good intention that laid the foundation of RESTORE has grown exponentially right alongside the company. Farmer’s Footprint is just one example of Zach and team’s intentions to get to the root cause of current environmental and health crises…ideally rendering RESTORE, our flagship product, all but unnecessary.