of Nature

Our Mission

Our Mission
  • Improve Your Family's Health, Shape the Future of Their Home

    We believe that true change lies in reconnecting humanity to the Intelligence of Nature. Offering a root-cause solution, our ION* suite of soil-derived products provides the foundation for balancing your microbiome naturally, driving whole body health from within. But ION* was just the start. Our drive to reawaken the Intelligence of Nature continues…

  • We haven't stopped with the microbiome – our mission is macro.

    Just as our passion for root-cause solutions led us to ION*, it has continued to lead us in all aspects of health. We are forging a path to restoration across the planet and it is critical that our pursuit of health begins with reconnecting to nature, instead of fighting that which is life itself. Every bottle of ION* sold supports efforts to better our world for future generations.

Farmer's Footprint aims to expose the human and environmental impacts of chemical farming and offer a path forward through regenerative agricultural practices.

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