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FAQ4: Why should I be taking RESTORE?

Restore creates a firewall from environmental toxins

RESTORE takes a holistic approach and helps strengthen our gut barrier and maintain our immune system to create a firewall from everyday exposure to environmental factors.

Over the last sixty years there has been a steady loss of biodiversity in our gut membrane bacterial ecosystem. Factory farming, processed foods, and widespread antibiotic use have all played major roles in this decline. This loss of biodiversity has left the gut membrane wall vulnerable. The most potent of the common triggers for the zonulin damage to the gut wall in our diet is glyphosate – the most common ingredient in weed killers. Gluten is the most potent of naturally-occurring triggers for zonulin production in our modern diet.

Zonulin production

As zonulin is produced at the gut it opens the tight junctions, then circulates systemically and can open the blood/brain barrier, kidney tubule systems, and blood vessel walls.

Restore is the first dietary supplement that delivers a balanced family of these bacterial metabolites to promote a healthy firewall of tight junctions in the gut wall and blood/brain barrier. Restore provides the communication network to support the return of biodiversity to the gut ecosystem that supports normal immune function. Restore is the first supplement on the market that functions as an answer to glyphosate and gluten toxicity at the tight junction. Restore rapidly increases production of the enzymes that break down zonulin.

A diet high in heavily-processed foods filled with chemicals, GMOs, gluten, and environmental toxins such as herbicides and animal antibiotics may impact the health of the immune system. Even when a person adheres to a much healthier, plant-based and organic diet, it is virtually impossible to avoid exposure to environmental factors, for example when dining out and traveling.

Exposure to Toxins

We all want to lead a full and healthy life. Why worry when traveling or dining out? RESTORE can help protect your immune system from environmental toxins.

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