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FAQ11: What are tight junctions?

Gatekeeper in the Gut

To use an everyday description, a rock-solid football defensive line protects the opposing team from scoring any points because it has “tight junctions.” In our immune system, these same kind of tight junctions keep things out of the blood stream that should not be there and at the same time allow nutrients to enter the bloodstream.

Zach Bush MD
Founder and CEO of Biomic Sciences, LLC, producer of the RESTORE supplement product line.

Study on how Restore supports gut health.

There is a growing body of well-developed science that demonstrates that the tight junction barrier in the gut can be degraded with exposure to gluten and glyphosate (the main chemical in commercial herbicide).

Tight junctions are protected by the carbon and mineral metabolites of bacterial digestion. When the intestinal bacteria are balanced and thriving in extreme diversity of 20,000 or more species, this matrix of metabolites produces a strong enzyme defense system that protects the tight junctions from the toxin zonulin, which is made at the intestinal lining.

Your gut contains tight junction barriers, which act as an intelligent gate in the gut wall, maintaining a healthy gut.

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