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9 Ways to Strengthen Immunity

Building a strong immune system begins with the inner and outer surfaces of the body, as they are the first barriers against pathogens (germs). These surfaces include the skin and all mucous membranes, which form a kind of mechanical protective wall.

The body already has natural ways to boost the immune system...

 • Matthew Bednar PhD

Want to Improve Overall Wellbeing? Learn How ION*Gut Health Works

How is ION*Gut Health different from probiotics?

If you’ve been part of the ION*Biome family for a while, you know that ION*Gut Health is a groundbreaking type of gut health supplement. If you’re new, you’ve come at just the right time! ION*Gut Health is not a probiotic or a prebiotic; it contains carbon molecules sourced from ancient fossilized soil... 

 • Team ION*Biome

You've Heard of Collagen, But How About Lysine?

What is lysine and why is it so important?

We already know that ION*Gut Health helps to support the body’s defensive barriers; how exciting to share how lysine and immune system support from ION*Gut Health further fortify these defenses. So, What Does Lysine Do?

 • Matthew Bednar PhD

6 Ways to Stress Less and Boost Immunity Now

Understanding how stress impacts the immune system, recognizing early signs of stress, and knowing these easy methods to relieve stress naturally are great ways to support your immune system and stress less overall! Here are six of the easiest ways to reduce stress naturally, that you can start right now.

 • Matthew Bednar PhD

Tight Junctions: The Unsung Heroes Defending You from Toxins

Tight junctions are your entire body’s defense system. They latch cells together and intelligently regulate what can and cannot pass through the gut lining. Here’s what happens to that defense when exposed to glyphosate and other harmful chemicals.

 • Team ION*Biome

Feeling Foggy? Dirty Your Gut, Clear Your Mind

The Gut-Brain Axis: A Foundation of Health

Gut Health is Whole-Body Health! The connection between the gut microbiome and the brain, known as the Gut-Brain Axis, is a rapidly progressing field of research. Every month, there is more data emerging from universities and private labs around the globe that continues to illuminate the role of gut microbes and intestinal function in human health at all stages of development.

 • Zach Bush MD