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Why We're Not Disinfecting Our Homes (even now!)

This is a time we are collectively called to make wise choices to protect everyone’s health and wellbeing, and fortify our family’s immune systems against contagious disease. In times like these, it is critical to understand the facts that matter most.

 • Matthew Bednar PhD

Listen to Your Gut, Your Immune Health is Talking

We know that the gut is the primary battleground for immune health, but how do we correspond with our frontline defense? By recognizing daily signals that may indicate an immune health issue, such as Celiac or Crohn’s disease, we can be more proactive with our health. Our bodies communicate to us through discomfort so learning to make the connection is key to addressing the problem. Left unchecked, persistent immune issues leave us vulnerable to more serious health conditions. Let us move past this paradigm of accepting less than perfect well-being and boost our immune health today.

 • Matthew Bednar PhD

4 Ways to Improve Your Child's Immune System Today

According to a 2010 study, chronic illnesses in children doubled from 12.8 percent in 1994 to 26.6 percent in 2006. The most prevalent chronic conditions were asthma, obesity, allergies, and behavior problems. Such statistics make me realize I am not alone in struggling to keep my kids healthy; it seems to have become more difficult for us all. So, I did some research on what we can do to boost our children’s immunity right now.

 • Matthew Bednar PhD

Gut Health Equals Immune Health

If I asked you if you wanted stronger immune health, the answer is likely, “yes”. But if asked “what is immune health”, your answer may not be so clear. You likely wouldn’t immediately relate the immune system and gut health. So, let’s discuss what immune health is, its purpose, and how we can best keep it strong. If you gain anything from reading this, it should be that a healthy immune system comes from a healthy gut.

 • Matthew Bednar PhD

Is Your Gut the Key to Respiratory Health?

Each breath we take triggers a massive amount of microscopic communication between microbiota and cells, driving not only respiratory health but immune response throughout the body. What does the gut lining have to do with respiratory health? We know the gut is an epicenter of communication, driving health in the body....

 • Matthew Bednar PhD

Maintaining Your Pet's Health in a Toxic World

If you’re a fellow animal owner, I think you can agree that our pets are more than just furry fixtures in our homes; they are full-fledged members of the family. However, taking care of their health is becoming more challenging in the ever-increasing toxic environment in which we live. You may not realize it but most of the chronic diseases that your pet faces are rooted in fighting environmental toxins and the associated chronic inflammation.

 • Matthew Bednar PhD

Nasal Breathing: A Surprising Key to Boosting Immunity

When life gets stressful, I usually tell myself “Ok, just breathe.” It always gives me relief to take a deep breath. But recently I can’t help but wonder, am I breathing in the most effective way? Could I be doing more with my breath? Well, there is one simple approach that makes a lot of sense: nasal breathing. Nasal breathing benefits many aspects of our health, as surprising as it may sound! It turns out your nose is much more than a prominent facial feature; it is your front line of immune defense from airborne pathogens.

 • Matthew Bednar PhD

9 Ways to Strengthen Immunity

Building a strong immune system begins with the inner and outer surfaces of the body, as they are the first barriers against pathogens (germs). These surfaces include the skin and all mucous membranes, which form a kind of mechanical protective wall.

The body already has natural ways to boost the immune system...

 • Matthew Bednar PhD

Want to Improve Overall Wellbeing? Learn How ION*Gut Health Works

How is ION*Gut Health different from probiotics?

If you’ve been part of the ION*Biome family for a while, you know that ION*Gut Health is a groundbreaking type of gut health supplement. If you’re new, you’ve come at just the right time! ION*Gut Health is not a probiotic or a prebiotic; it contains carbon molecules sourced from ancient fossilized soil... 

 • Team ION*Biome

You've Heard of Collagen, But How About Lysine?

What is lysine and why is it so important?

We already know that ION*Gut Health helps to support the body’s defensive barriers; how exciting to share how lysine and immune system support from ION*Gut Health further fortify these defenses. So, What Does Lysine Do?

 • Matthew Bednar PhD

6 Ways to Stress Less and Boost Immunity Now

Understanding how stress impacts the immune system, recognizing early signs of stress, and knowing these easy methods to relieve stress naturally are great ways to support your immune system and stress less overall! Here are six of the easiest ways to reduce stress naturally, that you can start right now.

 • Matthew Bednar PhD

Tight Junctions: The Unsung Heroes Defending You from Toxins

Tight junctions are your entire body’s defense system. They latch cells together and intelligently regulate what can and cannot pass through the gut lining. Here’s what happens to that defense when exposed to glyphosate and other harmful chemicals.

 • Team ION*Biome